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Fact #80

The voice actors who played Minnie and Mickey got married in 1991. Wayne Allwine was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years, while his wife continues to play Minnie, a role she has had since 1986.

Fact #70

In 1951, Mickey Mouse and Goofy appeared in a comic named The Medicine Man.

This comic features two psychoactive drugs, a trip to Africa and Mickey and Goofy becoming drug dealers.

The comic can be found here.

Fact #59 and #60

Sorry for the sabbatical. In apologies, have two princess facts for today


#59: Pocahontas is the only princess depicted with a tattoo


#60: Tiana is the only princess depicted with a paying job.


Fact #49

Disney made a war propaganda film set in Nazi land, where clouds are shaped like swastikas and houses look like Hitler.

The film stars Donald Duck, who undergoes a series of Nazi-esque tasks, and a series of hallucinations.

It won the 1943 Academy Award for Best Short Film and remains the only film starring Donald Duck to do so.

Fact #24

Donald Duck’s first appearance was in The Wise Little Hen (1934). His rise in popularity, however, did not occur until his appearance in Orphan’s Benefit which introduced him with Mickey Mouse. Hilarity ensued.


Fact #16

Today’s video is not a Disney video, but instead comes from Disney’s main competitor during the 20s and 30s, Fleischer Studio.

It features one of their more popular characters, Bimbo, in a nightmarish, pseudo sexual labyrinth, parodying several secret societies.

It rates a mention today, because in the first few seconds we see that the person responsible for this is none other than our favourite mousey friend.

Thanks to James for inspiration for today’s post.


Fact #15

If you haven’t watched Steamboat Willie, you should.

Thought to be the first animated short introducing Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but they actually made their debut months before in a test screening of Plane Crazy. Steamboat Willie was actually the third Mickey film to be produced, but it was just the first to be distributed.

Also notable is the fact that the film was one of the first animated features to feature synchronised sound.