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Fact #102

Before the open of the Pirates of the Caribbean in 1967, the only fake skeletons available were considered too ‘naff’ and displeasing to the Imagineers. So, they used real human skeletons, from UCLA medical school. Many of these have now been replaced with dummbies, however some remain (like the skull and cross bones in this picture)




Fact #97

10903798_585946208203404_4832364756130664785_o.jpgThe Disney theme parks like to make sure you fully immerse yourself during your visit – so much so that they have patented a ‘smellitzer’ device. It pumps certain scents around the park to create an atmosphere for all your senses. Some examples are sea salt during Pirates of the Caribbean, and vanilla in Main Street.

Fact #19

Until 2001, Disney policy was that workers at their theme parks had to wear communal underwear, that was returned for washing at the end of the day. The theory behind this was that normal underwear would bunch up and bulk underneath the costumes. 


This practice was discontinued due to hygiene reasons.