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Fact #72

The Fox and the Hound is loosely based on Daniel P. Mannix’ novel, however almost everything in the book was either changed or removed in the film. In the novel:

  • Todd had two vixens that he mates and has cubs with, all of whom are killed by the hunter
  • Todd intentionally kills The Chief by jumping out of the way of an oncoming train
  • Todd dies from exhaustion while being chased by Copper
  • the hunter was an old drunk and the novel ends with the hunter being sent to a retirement home and because dogs aren’t allowed he’s forced to shoot Copper.

Understandably, that would have made for a pretty grim children’s movie.



The original working title for Oliver & Company was Oliver and the Dodger.

Also, it was the fist Disney film to have a department created for computer animation, owing to its heavy use of CGI (used to make skyscrapers, cars, trains and the subway chase)