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Fact #111

Mrs Potts and her tea set make a surprise cameo in Tarzan



Fact #110

Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to be nominated in the Oscars Beast Picture category. The category ‘Best Animated Feature’ was only created in 20011024.beauty.beast.ls.2413.jpg

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Love me some cute babies in dress up!13162387_10153794996489011_310536418_n.jpg

Fact #96

Sherri Stoner was the model who sat for both Belle and Ariel. She was also an actress, writer and producer, predominantly on animations. Her work included Animaniacs and Caspar the Friendly Ghost


Fact #92

Jackie Chan provided the singing and speaking talent for the Beast in the Chinese version of Beauty and the Beast.


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Bonus post

One of many reasons why I love Beauty and the Beast

Fact #79

A darker alternate introduction to the movie Beauty and the Beast was originally planned. The movie was going to be set in 18th Century France, and was much closer to the original Beauty and the Beast story.