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Fact #107

The Aristocats was the last Disney film to end with ‘A Walt Disney Production’. It was changed to ‘Walt Disney Productions’.




Fact #105

Beyonce refused to audition for the role of Tiana in Princess and the Frog, and so missed out on the role.



Fact #103

In order to make Snow White’s skin tone more relaistic looking, real rouge was applied to the animation cells.



Fact #101

Lilo and Stitch has more Elvis songs in it than any of his own films.elvis_stitch_presley_by_destinyrelease.jpg

Fact #97

10903798_585946208203404_4832364756130664785_o.jpgThe Disney theme parks like to make¬†sure you fully immerse yourself during your visit – so much so that they have patented a ‘smellitzer’ device. It pumps certain scents around the park to create an atmosphere for all your senses. Some examples are sea salt during Pirates of the Caribbean, and vanilla in Main Street.

Bonus Post

Love me some cute babies in dress up!13162387_10153794996489011_310536418_n.jpg

Fact #92

Jackie Chan provided the singing and speaking talent for the Beast in the Chinese version of Beauty and the Beast.