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Fact #113

In Disneyland California, Main street is meant to be based on 1910 America, while Tomorrowland represented 1986 America. Both years were chosen because they were Halley’s Comet years.


Fact #80

The voice actors who played Minnie and Mickey got married in 1991. Wayne Allwine was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years, while his wife continues to play Minnie, a role she has had since 1986.

Fact #73

In commemoration of my birthday trip to Disneyland Paris, today’s fact:

Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction in all of France and Europe. It was the second Disney theme park built outside of America, and it still struggles to financially owing to it’s large debt (it initally took 3.25 years to turn a profit)

Fact #61

In the first Snow White Grotto, in Disneyland Anaheim, the sculptors made Snow White the same size as the dwarves (oops!). As the statues were donated anonymously, Walt Disney wanted to include them in the park, and an optical trick (forced perspective) was used to make everything look proper in size.

This mistake was initially ‘corrected’ in Tokyo Disneyland, however this was later changed to replicate the or

Snow White Grotto, Anaheim

Snow White Grotto, Anaheim

Fact #52

Disney World has a staff of about 62,000 actors, crew, servicemen, etc. 


Fact #51

Fact #51

The beast appears as one of the sultan’s toys in Aladdin.

Fact #46

On June 14, 1959, then Vice-President Nixon became the Disney Monorail’s first passenger.