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Fact #72

The Fox and the Hound is loosely based on Daniel P. Mannix’ novel, however almost everything in the book was either changed or removed in the film. In the novel:

  • Todd had two vixens that he mates and has cubs with, all of whom are killed by the hunter
  • Todd intentionally kills The Chief by jumping out of the way of an oncoming train
  • Todd dies from exhaustion while being chased by Copper
  • the hunter was an old drunk and the novel ends with the hunter being sent to a retirement home and because dogs aren’t allowed he’s forced to shoot Copper.

Understandably, that would have made for a pretty grim children’s movie.


Fact #41

At the time of it’s release, The Fox and the Hound was the most expensively animated film produced.   

It was also the last Disney film with the credits at the beginning of the film.