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Fact #111

Mrs Potts and her tea set make a surprise cameo in Tarzan


Fact #110

Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to be nominated in the Oscars Beast Picture category. The category ‘Best Animated Feature’ was only created in 20011024.beauty.beast.ls.2413.jpg

Fact #109

Idina Menzel originally auditioned for a role in Tangled. Despite not getting it, she made an impact on producers, who cast her in Frozen instead.



Fact #108

A double Disney fact for today РSamuel E. Wright was not only the voice of Sebastian in The Little Mermaid (and all subsequent character appearances except the Kingdom Hearts series), but he also played Mufasa in the original Broadway cast of The Lion King.


Fact #105

Beyonce refused to audition for the role of Tiana in Princess and the Frog, and so missed out on the role.



Fact #104

Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty was named after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband to Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince Americans knew the best at the time. tumblr_ntscpnhj6M1usihl9o4_1280

Fact #103

In order to make Snow White’s skin tone more relaistic looking, real rouge was applied to the animation cells.