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Fact #77

Retta Scott was the first woman to receive a film  credit as an animator on a Disney film. She first worked on Bambi, then went on to contribute to Fantastia, Dumbo and the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Another notable female from Disney was Mary Blair, who did concept art for Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Song of the South and Cinderella. She had a very distinctive style.

Brenda Chapman was the first female to direct a feature length Pixar film, also becoming the first female to win the Academy award for Best Animated Feature.

More recently, Jennifer Lee became the first female to direct a feature length Disney film.


Fact #65

Robin Williams signed on to do Aladdin under the agreement that his voice was not to be used in any merchandising, and that his voice was not to account for more than 1/4 of ad time. Disney violated this agreement and Williams denied support for the movie.

Disney’s CEO tried to win him back by buying him a Picasso painting, but Williams returned the painting.

Subsequently, he did not appear in the second movie, being replaced by Dan Castelanetta.