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Fact #103

In order to make Snow White’s skin tone more relaistic looking, real rouge was applied to the animation cells.



Fact #85

The voice of the Queen and her counter ego, the Witch, were voiced by the same person, Lucille La Verne.

She was told by the animators that an older, raspier version of the Queen’s voice was needed for the Witch. La Verne stepped out of the recording studio and returned a few minutes later, giving a perfect ‘Witch’s voice’ that surprised the animators.

When asked how she did it, she replied “Oh, I just took my teeth out.”

Fact #61

In the first Snow White Grotto, in Disneyland Anaheim, the sculptors made Snow White the same size as the dwarves (oops!). As the statues were donated anonymously, Walt Disney wanted to include them in the park, and an optical trick (forced perspective) was used to make everything look proper in size.

This mistake was initially ‘corrected’ in Tokyo Disneyland, however this was later changed to replicate the or

Snow White Grotto, Anaheim

Snow White Grotto, Anaheim