Fact #62

Becuase Disney now owns several other companies, I will be branching out this blog to include facts from those other corportations too. Because, let’s face it, I love Marvel almost as much as I love Disney, amongst others.

So, today’s fact.

When discussing pay with Fox executives, George Lucas forewent higher pay in order to retain merchandising rights and rights to any sequels. This was considered foolhardy at the time, as merchandising had never been hugely profitable. However, owing to the surprise success of Star Wars, George Lucas ended up becoming very rich from those rights.


3 responses to “Fact #62

  1. I’m glad to read that you are expanding.
    I really like what’s here, having discovered you today.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading. Unfortunately most of my posts do gravitate towards the more traditional Disney cartoons (because that’s where my love is). But I will endeavour to keep it up!

  2. PS I am not related to George.
    As I’m writing Children’s Musicals/Stories it might have been handy to have been, maybe not.
    It often causes folk to call me George after just meeting me or being introduced by full name.
    To avoid embarrassing them I simply say “It’s Roger – same letters as George – different order😄.”
    My wife was a little disappointed to discover that she wasn’t the first Mrs Dorothy Lucas. That was GL’s Mother.

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